Our Services Starts with : first go through the Case Record Form - read the form carefully and prepare draft, then filling up the Contact Form as your convenience, please fill up the form properly and mention all your true details in it.  You can make contact byphone and take the appointment from the Doctor for your visit to the clinic atJabalpur, for physical checkup and making the Case History then we start thetreatment.

By filling up your Contact Formwe will make the Case History and prepare the medicinal Diagnostics. Then wewill send you the list about the medicinal expenditure which you have to submitat the account address. After setting up the duration of the medicine ( for30/60 days ) we will send the medicine through the Courier to your homeaddress.

We do not compromise to thequality of the medicine, our all medicines are Germany made and we advice touse good quality medicines only for best and first results to cure yourproblems. Schedules and restrictions are must be followed. Patient must readabout details mentioned in the chapter called ChronicDiseases. Please go through the following URL :--

How are the fees assessed?

Fees are assessed based on the country of residence in profile as well as the country specified in the order for mailing. If either address falls in the higher pay group, that becomes the basis for fees. Fees is also depends upon the condition of the patients. Cost of medicine is also depends upon the International Market Conditions. All Fees include medicines. Consultation is done during the period of treatment registration. If you have registered for active Preventive Treatment program, you get Disease Treatment during that period. For example, You have signed up and paid for 8 months of Preventive Treatment, then during the 8 month period any time you sign up for Disease Treatment for the same patient, fees.can be payed through the PayPal account i.e.
Account Holder Name : PRADOSH KUMAR DAS 
PayPal Account Number : d.pradosh@yahoo.in
In India - Through State Bank Of India

Money Transfer is Easy ATM to ATM – my ATM Card number is-  6220180322800224196 (Maestro)

ACCOUNT NUMBER:31020420158, IFS Code: SBIN0003228, MICR: 482002006
         Variation in fees rate depends upon the market conditions, The example of chart  
         for fees* is as follows:
Disease Treatment Regular Fees
2 Months
4 Months
6 Months
8 Months
12 Months
Group I
USA, Canada
US $120
US $230
US $340
US $400
US $600
Group II **
Europe, Australia, etc.
Euro 100
Euro 150
Euro 210
Euro 275
Euro 350
Group III ***
Asia, Africa, etc.
US $90
US $170
US $240
US $275
US $335
Group IV
Rs. 2200
Rs. 3800
Rs. 5400
Rs. 6700
Rs. 8840