Homeopathy is the second largest popular system of medicine in the world today. It's emerging as the complete therapeutic science capable of treating most of the acute and chronic diseases in human body. It’s practically beneficial and satisfactory science available to millions of people in the world without any complications. More and more people in the world are taking treatment because of its miraculous recovery without any adverse effects. Its popularity is due to its simple nature of treatment and ability to detoxify the body during the treatment and offering the real feeling of well being to the patients. Whenever any functional curative changes are observed in the living organism, they must have known or unknown scientific causes. The known causes can be proven physiologically by research as in evidence based system of modern medicine but in the domain of unknown causes which has a dynamic origin, more and more research is required to prove its effects. Because evidence based research is unable to prove homeopathic remedial benefits which operates dynamically, the remedial experience of people all over the world cannot be questioned by criticizers. Before you start taking treatment in homeopathy we request you to read our section of FAQ about homeopathy and why you choose homeopathy as a line of treatment carefully. Dr. Pradosh Kumar Das have been offering pure Homeopathic treatment for last twenty five years. He have made Homeopathic treatment popular among all classes of community and seen that Homeopathic treatment is not only useful in chronic diseases but also equally effective in acute conditions. He have observed amazing results with Homeopathic Medicines in various epidemic conditions, infectious diseases that don't respond too well to traditional medicines. Homeopathic medicines are found to be effective in treating viral diseases, emergencies, as well as in critical conditions. They have been treating hereditary disorders effectively with Homeopathy medicines.Disease Prevention is the best key to your health. Dr. Pradosh has implemented a new innovating way of increasing vitality by homeopathic preventive treatment to help prevent all those elements that may affect your well being. Having been in practice for so many years, Dr.Pradosh decided to pursue chronic pain management issues in patients with Fibromyalgia. Patients suffering with myalgia and arthralgia were studied and he developed a strategic therapy of increasing their pain threshold and relieving inflammation in their soft tissues. This also was given an aditional edge by promoting psychological health while incorporating effective homeopathic healing medicines.