About me

Dr.Pradosh Kumar Das
Thats me:
Dr.Pradosh Kumar Das, born 09.09.1966

Favourite leisure activity:
Meeting friends, sports and dancing

Favourite books:
All Medical and Religious Books

Favorite music:
Folk and all types of Classical

Favourite drink:
Orange juice and water

I have successfully treatedfollowing diseases in last 25 years.


Aspergillosis,Asthma, Atopic dermatitis, Schizophrenia, Carcinosin cases, cancer of Utrus, Overy,Malaria, Disruptive behavioural disorder, Alopecia, Enuresis, Psoriasis, Recurrent abortions, Varicose, ulcers, Abscess,Acne, Addison’s disease, Adenoids, Agalactia, Alcoholism, Amenorrhoea, Anaemia,Angina pectoris, Apoplectic conditions, Appendicitis, Arterio Sclerosis, Arthritis,Backache, Boils, Bones, Brain, Bronchial asthma, Bronchitis, Carbuncle, Cholera,Chorea, Climacteric, Cold, Catarrhs, Colic, Constipation, Coughs, Croup, Debility,Delirium, Dentition, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diphtheria, Dropsical affections, Dysentery,Dysmenorrhoea, Ear, Epilepsy, Erysipelas, Eye, Fever, Fissure of anus, Gangrene,Gas, Gastric ulcer, Glandular affections, Gleet, Goiter, Gonorrhea, Haemorrhages,Haemorrhoids, Hay fever, Headache, Heart, Hydrocephalus, Hysteria, Influenza, Injuries,Intermittent fever, Iidney, Labor, Laryngeal affections, Leucorrhoea, Lithaemia,Liver, Locomotor ataxia, Mammary glands, Marasmus, Measles, Meningitis, Mentalconditions, Miscarriage, Mumps, Neurasthenia, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Orchitis, Ovarianaffection, Pancreas diseases of, Paralysis, Peritonitis, Pleurisy, Pleurodynia,Pneumonia, Pregnancy affections, Prostate glands, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Scrofula,Sea Sickness, Septicaemia, Skin disease, Sleeplessness, Small pox, Sore throat,Spermatorrhoea, Spinal, Spleen, Sunstroke, Surgical shock, Synovitis, Teeth, Tetanus,Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Urinary problems, Vaccination, Vertigo, Vomiting, Whoopingcough, Worms, Yellow fever and many more.